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Contact:Manager Zhang
Contact number:+86-13643883097
Q Q:386010530
Address:Sanyuan industrial park, Luoyang Area of Henan Free Trade Zone, China

01 Advantage of customized product
We could produce the products according to customers’ request, and the products could be used safely under the conditions of all kinds of industry.
02 Owned quality testing deparment, strict quality control
We own anvanced quality control system and testing equipment, so we could guarantee the material and products qualified and stabilized.
03 Advanced manufacture equipment, stable quality, fast delivery
We own the advanced manufacture equipment and rich production experience to guarantee the quality and production cycle. We also own perfect production management system to control every production step strictly.
04 Strict material management system
Strict material control system and high-class suppliers to guarantee the quality of the products .
05 Powerful after sale service to solve the problems of the customers.
Powerful after sale service to solve the problems of the customers.


Luoyang Aohe Metal Materials Co。, Ltd is concentrated on the R&D, manufacture, and sales of rare refractory metals for more than 16 years。 We specially produce the deep processing produts of tungsten, molybdnum, titanium, tantalum, niobium and alloy products upon the advantage of geography and resource。 Our team has rich production experience, favorable production environment, advanced production equipment and high-tech testing equipment, so we could stabilize the quality of the products。 The products are widely used in the industry of power, electron, sapphire, solar cell, glass fibre, vacuum medical instrument, metallurgy and aerospace, etc。 Our products export to Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, India, etc, and win the customers’ praise。。。

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Contact:Manager Zhang    Contact number:+86-13643883097    Tel:+86-379-65199876
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